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Get 24/7 Tech Support From skilled IT staff dedicated to keeping your business up and running.

When it comes to keeping your business running smoothly, it’s a job that needs to be done by the most skilled individuals who are dedicated to it. Get a remote service experience you can depend on from the remote IT help desk support services at Digital Operating Solutions.

Are all outsourced help desk IT support services located outside the United States?

Outsourcing is the process of hiring a company or an individual in another country, typically cheaper than what it would cost locally.

No, not all helpdesk support services are outsourced offshore. Some of the best helpdesk support services can be found right here in the United States.

Typically, you’ll sign onto a contract for managed IT services, with helpdesk IT support services bundled into the commitment. This form of agreement can be beneficial because it allows the company to take advantage of larger discounts and it allows the helpdesk support service provider to monitor constant improvements.

Are Managed IT Services and Helpdesk Support Essential to Businesses?

Today it is a given that companies of all shapes and sizes, from startups to multinational firms, rely on managed IT services providers for helpdesk support. Companies today are competing in the global marketplace at unprecedented speeds – it doesn’t matter if it’s a distributor of food, travel, or retail. The point is that companies today require constant technology upgrades and guarantees that their systems are operating at 100%.

What are the Benefits of IT Support Services?

You will find many benefits to partnering with these professionals who specialize in IT Support Services:

Only Pay for what you need

When you hire IT support professionals, it allows you to only pay for the services you need. This makes it cost-effective because it will save the company money.

Get access to better hardware

With the help of IT Support Services, it is possible to get access to better hardware and software than what you are currently using. We partner with some of the top hardware providers to help our clients get exactly what they’re looking for when they need it.

Focus on the important Stuff

We’ll work on your IT, so you can get back to working on what matters most—Your business.

IT Security

Security is perhaps the most important factor and IT helpdesk support firms can provide IT support services such as upgrades, training, and consulting. This means that your company will have a greater level of protection from outside threats.

Get managed IT Help Desk Support Services you can rely on!

IT Support Services for Businesses

Some businesses are opting to handle their own IT support services, it is a simple matter of hiring staff and buying the necessary equipment. However it can be difficult for a business that’s recently started or has limited resources, it may not have the capital to buy state-of-the-art computers or it could have a small budget which means it’s unable to employ a large staff.

This is why it’s good for businesses to outsource their IT needs, it means they can have access to quality support services without spending too much money.

IT Managed Services

In an organization, it is important to maintain the smooth running of IT and services. This can be achieved through various services offered by a lot of companies that specialize in IT support services.

What are Managed IT Services?

Remote managed services is a service that takes care of all your IT concerns and needs. This includes infrastructure, security, networking, and IT support for the company. This can be very time-consuming especially for big companies. When you outsource these services to someone who can manage them for you, it can result in increased productivity and efficiency in your organization or company.

Helpdesk Ticket Portal

A help desk ticket portal is a service that allows remote IT professionals to create, monitor, and manage all helpdesk tickets in one place. This is done by allowing users to submit their problems through online forms, or via a monitored e-mail address, which is then automatically routed to the best available technician.

The entire process is automated and outsourced so it doesn’t require any manual heavy-lifting from the business owner.

What is helpdesk ticket management and why is it important?

Helpdesk ticket management is an IT term for a group of processes that help ensure customer support requests get handled quickly and easily.

Details about a service issue are automatically recorded when it is entered into the IT helpdesk, and it includes various identifiers that make it easier for the customer support representative handling it to identify it quickly.

Best uses of helpdesk ticket monitoring

The helpdesk is a vital part of any business or organization. The help desk is there to assist employees with troubleshooting problems they may have while using their workstations, software, and networks. The IT helpdesk service can also be used by the clients and it’s usually applicable for large organizations which need it more as well. Now it is just a part of the way any IT department works.

Managed IT Support Services

Computer Troubleshooting and Support

When there’s an emergency it can often feel as though it is coming completely out of the blue, leaving you without even the most basic of support. Often it can be days before it is resolved and this can mean lost revenue and customers. With managed IT support services it’s not like that at all because your dedicated help desk team will have your back even when it feels like it’s the end of the world.

Internet Optimization Service

Internet optimization is a service which is provided by it help desk to optimize the user’s internet services as it offers them more webspace, faster download times, and increased security. Our it help desk will analyze your user’s bandwidth and speed of their internet connection.

Hardware Upgrades / Repairs

We’ll provide your business with a help desk service to support new hardware installs for staff and tenants. Our IT Helpdesk will also handle requests for hardware upgrades, replacing faulty equipment, as well as managing replacement parts orders and delivery. Some companies will send out engineers to carry out the work where it is more convenient.

New E-mail accounts

As your managed service provider, we’ll create new e-mail accounts for you and your employees using cloud software from the leading cloud providers. With it, you will have a professional email account with your corporate identity.

Cyber Security Awareness: Phishing

As more and more spam and phishing emails circulate it is important to know how to identify them. Many users have said that it is impossible to tell the difference, but it isn’t as difficult as it looks. We’ll help sniff out suspicious e-mails and help educate your team to avoid falling for a phishing scam.

Cloud Storage Support

Cloud storage has become a popular term when it comes to file sharing and it can be difficult for some people to understand what it is all about. A cloud server lets groups of users access their files in real time, regardless of where they are or which device they’re using at the moment.

Why Choose Digital Operating Solutions for IT Support Services

When it comes to information technology it is not always easy to choose the right place from which you can get your helpdesk services. Some organizations are understaffed or have limited resources that do not allow them to serve their clients as they would like. Other companies may know how to support, but lack the capacity in order to deliver it in a proper way.

There is help though, and it comes in the form of Digital Operating Solutions. We offer IT support services that are tailored to suit your exact needs so you can get the helpdesk support you are looking for without having to compromise on anything else that makes it harder for you to run your business successfully.

IT Support Services FAQs

Does my small business need an IT Help Desk?

As it continues to become more critical to businesses it is important that you find it help desk support service. The IT help desk support service that your business needs depend on the size of your business as well as IT resources. For example, small businesses will need a different type of it help desk management than large corporations. Typically, pricing will scale based on the number of users you need to be supported.

What’s the benefit of having an external IT Team as opposed to an internal team?

Standard benefits:

  • Peace of mind knowing it’s being taken care of.
  • No need to worry about employee turnover.

Emotional benefits:

  • Work more efficiently without the hassle of IT issues holding you back.
  • Increase productivity and a stress-free work environment.
  • Build trust with employees knowing it’s being handled.

Why should I outsource my IT HelpDesk?

As the need for IT services and support grows, it becomes more cost-effective to outsource it. By outsourcing it, you can save your company time and money without compromising on service quality or security.

What if I have an issue after hours?

If it is urgent and you need assistance after normal business hours, contact the IT Help Desk and explain your issue. The Help Desk will either fix it for you or direct you to another support group that can help.

Why Choose Us

Tired of waiting on your IT guy or IT company to handle your simple request? Reliability is critical to ensure a business' success. Imagine your network went down for an entire day, but your IT had other priorities. We use critical KPI's to ensure our IT techs take absolute care of your business, so you get the help you need, when you need it.

What We Offer

IT Services can be such a broad term. We offer most of your general IT services through our monthly IT help desk support plan. Meaning, whatever the IT request, we'll help out—It's what we do. We specialize in cloud managed data and services, and can help with streamlining your current IT processes. Need a big project completed? We've got you covered.

Our Process

When you work with the DOS IT team, you’ll be given a quick fix e-mail address, access to our priority help desk portal, and access to our online chat. Should you purchase after-hours coverage, a direct line to a support tech will be provided. Our team attentively works to resolve any tickets you send our way with your long-term IT goals in mind. We’ll also plan to hold quarterly review meetings to make sure our support times meet what we promised.

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