Database Development for Low Code and No Code Solutions

A better way to manage business operations

If you are looking to build a business management system or website for your e-commerce platform, you will need a good online database. A web developer can make this happen in short order, but what about when it comes to the backend operations? What if you want to manage sales leads over time? What if you want real-time stats on where your sales are coming from? How will you do that if you don’t understand databases and coding?

Custom database solutions for low-code development solutions

Database development is a science in and of itself. It requires business experience, technological knowledge, and some intuition to know what the client needs. We have all of this at Digital Operating Solutions. Whether your database needs are web-based or for your mobile app, we can create a solution for you quickly and easily.

Custom applications for industry giants

We’ve designed custom apps and database integrations to help clients across all industries do their jobs better and more efficiently. Our team has experience in both web-based and mobile-based database programming, so you can be sure that we will provide you with the tools that are best for your industry.

Business Intelligence

Modern business management is all about fortune-telling. Well, sort of. When you have the right tools to measure your successes and failures, you can do a better job of creating preemptive strategies to maximize your future business potential.

Sales lead management is a crucial part of that process, but what about when it comes to tracking your sales? You might know where they came from, but how quickly are they converting? Are certain types of leads more profitable than others? Our business intelligence services can provide you with the tools to answer these questions, so you can work better with your sales leads in the future.

With our real-time data collection and reporting tools, we can help you know where you are succeeding and failing as quickly as possible so that you can improve your bottom line.

ERP Platform Development

Have you ever thought about how much time your employees spend on data entry? Our ERP platform development services can provide you with web-based solutions that reduce the amount of time your employees need to input data on a given day.

From inventory management and invoicing to accounts receivable and billing, we can develop a web platform that helps you reduce the number of mouse clicks your employees need to make in order to do their jobs. Our goal is not just to collect data; it’s to give you improved access, organization, data integrity, and speed so that you can make better business decisions.

Choose from a variety of supported platforms

Including Knack, Blitz.js, Triggre, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions​

A database developer is someone who designs and builds databases that store pertinent data for businesses. They can work with a variety of coding languages to develop web-based applications as well as desktop programs. Whether you need a patient database software, operational database software solutions, distributed database software solutions, or a simple data storage platform, Digital Operating Solutions can perform the software development for your specific needs.

Database development is a collaborative process. First, we will sit with you to gain a full understanding of what you’re looking for in your software solution. Then, we’ll offer an initial cost estimate and project plan so that you know how much time and money the development will take. We can then begin work on your database, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. Once the database is built, we will train you on how to use your new database.

A custom database can provide you with a way to quickly and easily view, organize, and store your company’s data. It also provides a foundation for adding new features as your business grows, such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools or inventory management functions. Custom databases are more secure than using a spreadsheet or other free storage services since you’re in full control of it.

Database Development Company

Designed to let you ditch Excel

Do you find that your business is spending more time than it needs to on data management? Are you spending countless hours collecting and updating spreadsheets so your employees can do their jobs? What if all of these pieces of data were available in one place where they could be updated quickly and easily, but also analyzed to provide more insight into how your business is doing?

That’s where our database development services come in. If you have a spreadsheet that needs to be updated on the fly, or if you need numerous pieces of data to be available for analysis, we can help with that through web database development. We use platforms like Knack, Triggre, Blitz.js, and more to develop web-based databases for business owners who want to work faster and smarter, not harder. And if you need custom plugins for your online database platform, we can help with that too!

Our database development services are ideal if:

  • You want simple, easy-to-use data management tools
  • You need data visualization as part of a mobile app or web platform
  • You have an e-commerce platform and require data collection
  • You want business intelligence tools to help you make better decisions

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