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Invest in your business’s success with social media marketing
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During our first meeting, you will learn about the different services we offer and get a better understanding of how social media marketing can help your business. We’ll also discuss your specific needs and goals.


Creative strategy

We will then create a creative strategy for your company’s social media marketing that will help you connect with more customers and grow your business. We will help you find the right social media platforms to reach your target audience, and create engaging content that will attract new customers.


Social media transformation

With our service, we’ll take care of everything for you and send you monthly analytics so you can see how your campaign is doing. You’ll be able to relax and know that your social media is in good hands, while watching how your investment is paying off and how you’re outperforming your competition.

Get ahead of your competition with social media marketing

Build brand awareness

Build brand recognition through high-quality social media content

Higher customer satisfaction

Show that you care about your customer’s experience by connecting with them on social media

Stay current with real-time posts

Keep your customers updated on what’s new with your business, products, or services

Let our experts help build your social media strategy.

Helping our clients stand out in the crowd

Engaging content

Content created specifically for you and your followers

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All-inclusive services

From strategy to scheduling, we take care of everything for you.

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Monthly analytics

See how well your campaigns are doing with our detailed analytics.

Taylor Wise

“Social media marketing is a great way to connect with new customers and grow your business. I highly recommend it for any business, regardless of size. It’s a cost-effective way to reach more people and generate leads.”

Connect with more customers with social media marketing
Taylor Wise

We'll let our happy customers do the talking

Kathryn Keeton

Fantastic Experience Working With This Company For Web Design.

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Fantastic experience working with this company for web design. Taylor was an experienced professional and did a fantastic job for us as our website designer, creating a site that truly reflected our company for who we really are and what we do for our customers.

– Dr. Kathryn E. Keeton, CEO, Minerva Work Solutions, PLLC

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We Now Have A Beautiful, Website That Highlights The Very Best Of Our People And Company!

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We desperately needed a new website and within a few short months, without surprises, without delays and alongside talented, service minded professionals we now have a beautiful website that highlights the very best of our people and company! We recommend DOS unconditionally!

– Terri Bartle, President, TLR-Total Logistics Resource, Inc.

Clark Buffam

A great Value for a Reasonable Price. Our Service business couldn't be happier.

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The guys at Digital Operating Solutions were able to take our Service business' outdated website and turn it into a modern, functional site that represents our company well. We immediately heard positive feedback from our industry partners. The price was reasonable, and the service was excellent.

– Clark Buffam, COO, Gulf Marine Contractors

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Are you looking for away to grow your social media presence and land customers?

Digital Operating Solutions is here to help. We’re an agency that specializes in helping businesses of all sizes and types grow their online presence.

Our team of experts will create custom campaigns tailored to your business, so you can get more out of your social media efforts. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, we have the skills necessary to make sure you see results!

You don’t need another person on staff just for managing social media accounts when our experienced team can do it for you at a fraction of the cost. We know how important growing your brand is and we want nothing more than to help you succeed with every campaign we run! Let us take care of everything from creating content and posting updates on multiple platforms through measuring analytics and reporting back what worked best for future campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you’re in retail, real estate or anything else – there’s no better time than now to start seeing results from social media marketing! And with our free consultation service there’s no reason not to contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any business can benefit from social media marketing. Whether you own a small mom-and-pop shop or a large corporation, social media can be a powerful tool for reaching new customers and building brand awareness. In fact, studies show that 93% of small businesses use social media to market their products or services. So no matter what type of business you own, social media marketing can help you reach more customers and grow your business.

Depending on the company you hire, social media marketing can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per month. However, some companies offer package deals or discounts for signing up for a longer contract.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as each business will have different needs and goals for its social media marketing. However, some popular platforms for social media marketing include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. Each platform offers its own unique set of features and tools that can be used to reach your target audience.

The results of social media marketing can vary depending on the goals of the campaign and the industry of the business. However, common outcomes include increased brand awareness, better connections with customers online, gaining more followers and likes on social media pages, increased website traffic, and generating leads from social media.

Working with a social media marketing agency gives you the ability to reach customers that you otherwise might not even come close to. We can help turn your customers into brand evangelists who will promote your business through word of mouth and online reviews. This can be extremely beneficial for businesses at any stage.

A professionally managed campaign will provide you exposure, engagement, and the opportunity to grow your customer base by leveraging websites other than your own. Companies that neglect their social media channels are missing out on establishing longstanding relationships with consumers. Your customers are online – why not offer them the content that they’re looking for?

We’re able to accomplish this by constantly watching analytics and keeping up with your competitors so we can always stay ahead of how to best reach potential clients through social media. Our team wants you to receive as much return on investment as possible so we’ll get your business on track to social media success. And with our free consultation service, you can find out how good of a fit we are for each other before taking the next step!

While digital marketing is a term that encompasses many aspects of promoting your business online, social media marketing specifically focuses on social networking sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all considered social media outlets where customers share things about their lives with friends and family. These sites are perfect to market to because they give you the chance to connect with your potential customers where they are spending the most time.

By advertising through social media, you can reach a wider audience and become an industry authority. You’ll gain trust and loyalty with your current customers by providing them with the most up-to-date information.

Invest in your business's success with social media marketing.

Ready to have a real presence on social media?

Is your current social media marketing strategy not producing the results you expected?

Social media marketing is a great way to reach new customers and increase brand awareness, but it can be hard to know where to start. We’ll help you create an effective social media strategy that gets results. You’ll get more traffic, leads, and sales with our proven strategies.

Don’t waste time trying out every social network on the market or hiring multiple people for one job – we do it all! Our team of experts will work with you personally so you always have access to someone who knows what they are doing. We won’t just set up accounts for your business – we’ll optimize them so they actually produce results! And if there’s ever anything wrong with any of your accounts, we’ll fix it right away. Social Media Marketing has never been easier than this!

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