Steve Vanderwater

Steve Vanderwater

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Vanderwater is the Chief Executive Officer and a managing partner at Digital Operating Solutions. He works closely with DOS’ President and Software Engineering Manager to identify and complete business goals. He also oversees DOS’ Corporate structure, risk analysis, implementation strategy, and budget.
Steve has had extensive experience in several high-level corporate executive positions throughout his career. He has taken on several managing and executive roles in the supply and procurement industry and has joined companies as a minority shareholder on two separate occasions. Steve is currently the President of CrossDock Supply and the Chief Executive Officer and a Managing Partner at Gulf Marine Contractors.

Originally from Alberta, Canada, Steve is a lifelong hockey player and fan, cheering on his favorite team- the Edmonton Oilers. Steve has a passion for motorcycles and dirt bikes and currently has a partnership with a motorcycle shop in downtown Houston. However, most important to him is his wife, daughter, and son, who remind him of life’s true meaning every day.

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