Taylor Wise

Taylor Wise



Taylor Wise has served as the President of DOS since the company was founded in 2019. In this role, he takes a people first approach to foster the development of a modern company-culture. “Our people stand at the forefront of our innovation and creativity. They’re the boots-on-the-ground force that make the cogs turn and move things forward. They are DOS’s number one priority, and a key consideration when making critical decisions.” On any given day, you’ll find Taylor developing long-term strategies, working directly with his teams and providing innovative ways to approach daily challenges.

Prior to this leadership role, Taylor headed up the Department of Technology and Innovation for Gulf Marine Contractors. During his time at GMC, he architected and laid the foundation for the operating platform they use every day to collaborate with their clients and streamline their logistics and operations services. In a past life, Taylor was the marketing manager at a respected software and technology company, a marketing technology & automation consultant at an advertising firm, and a business process engineer for a medical service provider.

Taylor is highly motivated and entrepreneurial. He is passionate about learning new things and expanding his list of skills and interests. He enjoys pursuing side projects and hobbies including; running a blog about camping, selling his landscape photography prints, and capturing beautiful moments in the world around him. You can often find him planning his next trip, hanging out with friends and family, or plotting his next side hustle.

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